Donald Trump has not become our president yet, and people are trying to tear him down. I will admit that when Mr. Trump first started running for president, I supported him all the way. But after a while, I began to worry considering some of the things he said and did. But since Mr. Trump has been elected our president his tone has changed and his views on people seem to have changed as well. Consider all the things that Romney said about Trump as well as Paul Ryan and how they seem to be getting along better now is a prime example.
Everything Mr. Trump is doing now appears to be all the right thing. His recent meeting with all the tech giants of this country I see as nothing but beneficial. He is meeting with all the players giving them some foresight of what his presidency will be. I don’t see how anyone can complain about that.
I will admit, that it is a little concerning the fact that Donald Trump’s children seem to have a significant position in his presidency, but he has always indicated that they are some of his most trusted advisors. If they can help mold Mr. Trump into the kind of president we want them, I’m all for it. But I’m not sure how some of these children can run his company and be involved in the presidency at the same time. But I feel like we need to give Mr. Trump a chance to prove what he has said is going to happen.
As far as the Russians are concerned, I think it’s a wait and see how Mr. Trump handles Mr. Putin. He is the first president we have ever had that is more in tune with the economy than playing politics. Trump has indicated that Trump is going to do a lot to rebuild the economic engine of this country. I think we should give him a chance to prove that he can do that before we try to destroy him as a person and the president.
If in his first year he shows that he is totally opposite to what he keeps telling us then, by all means, let the chips fall where they may. But until then, people need to give him a break.

Democratic Election Loss

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The loss of this election can be laid at the feet of President Brack Obama. He won 8 years ago with the promise of change. He changed nothing.

Instead, he continued with the same play book as every other president. This may have connected with the blacks, Hispanics and other minority’s, but it fell short when it came to the so called “uneducated.”

You knowthem as the ones who don’t have a college degree. The ones he and every other college educated look down on. That’s a shame because these are the people that grew up learning the hard way. Those people wanted change. And so they waited for 8. Years and then took out their anger on Hillary Clinton.

They punched her squarely in the stomach and keeped on punching until she was down and out.

Everything Obama put in placed during his 8 years could easily be rolled back by a stroke of a pin.

We will see what happens, but Obama has no one to blame but himself. To bad!!

You don’t turn your back on rural America and get away with it. To bad Hillary and Obama learned it the hard way.


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And so it begins … the protest over who will be our new president. Van Jones, a commentator for CNN, was on several shows pushing the race card as much as he could. Any comment by him had racial overtones.

This is why I hate news commentators. They push their agendas no matter the out come. If all news channels went off the air we as a country would be better off.

News commentators are at the same level as politicians,  snake level.

As for the protesters, they are welcome to leave this country and live somewhere else. Won’t miss them … won’t care … won’t think about their sorry life.



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The time has come for a change in our government. This country was born when a group of men had had enough of England’s rule, taxation without representation. In many ways that is where we are now. We are taxed but we have no representation in government. The people that we elected to office to represent us represent themselves and special interest. They bowed to the billions of dollars that are spent every year by groups who are after one thing, their own benefits.

We have a president who is telling us that the Iran deal is the best we can expect. Yet we all know that he wants this deal for one reason, so that he can say he brokered a treaty with Iran. He’s not concerned whether this is the best deal we could get, only that he can put his name on a deal with Iran and say it was the best that we can expect. Although, many in Congress and the Senate have come out against this deal, I firmly believe that in the end they will approve it. Thirty-four members of the Senate have come out in favor of the deal, you have to wonder what kind of special interest got to them. They aren’t interested in whether it’s the best deal for the country, only that it’s the best deal for President Obama.

Every day we wake up and find that President Obama has passed another executive order. I don’t know that he has passed the most of the any president but he has passed many executive orders so that he can avoid taking his concerns to the elected officials who we have put their to do the best job for us. President Obama has taken a benefit afforded to presidents and use that for his own personal interest. I believe that the new president should invalidate every executive order issued by President Obama.

Now we have a liar and a cheat running for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton. The woman has proven that she has no idea what the words “foreign affairs” mean and we had discovered that she was writing emails on her own personal server. Does anyone, really believe this woman can be trusted. And I think it’s the joke of the century when people say that the vice president would make a good president. The man is a joke. Please, don’t put that man in office.

And as far as the war against ISIS, we aren’t any better now than we were home we started. Our president, Congress, and Senate are doing nothing to protect this country. They think that dropping bombs is the best way to combat this evil that is stretching across the Middle East. If we aren’t careful, one day we’re going to wake up and find out that they’re sitting at our doorstep.

As for Russia and China, they are doing everything they can to antagonize the United States. They are attacking us through the Internet every day. Yet our elected officials simply want to impose sanctions against them. What they’re really trying to find out what kind of stomach our elected officials have for war. We have a bunch of weak minded officials running this country who are out for one thing, their own special interest.

If we don’t wake up and start taking back control of Washington DC, one day we will be slaves to the elected officials. It is time that we stand up and fight. It’s time that we have a war. We need to clean house and elect people who care about this country. Not officials that have been sitting in Washington for fifteen upwards of twenty-five years and done nothing to protect this country. Wake up people before it’s too late. Or one day were going to be picking cotton for the rich 1% of this country.

Another Stupid Idea by a rich Politician

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Clinton’s money

I’m tired of waking up on a Monday morning and reading about some lame ass idea that some rich politician has to help the country. When are these dumb ass politicians going to understand that  the middle class is tired of them spending our money because they think they have a good idea. This one SUCKS!!!!!

Clinton’s idea of spending money to make school, college free is about as stupid as studying the sex habits of squirrels, and yes we have paid for that.

This dumb idea of spending $350 Billion dollars for college, she can spend out of her own pocket. We need this like we need the Russians to drop an H Bomb on our country. We have much more serious things to deal with than making school free for the lame students that go to school and take Spanish as a major.

Besides, it’s all about votes and, God, please, don’t allow her to be president. That would be worse than the one we have now, that a bunch of lame voters put into office simple because he is black. Look at the mess he has created for our country and she won’t do any better, rather worse.

It’s bad to say this, but if I could have seen into he future when I was twenty, I would have never had kids. Bring them into this messed up world and especially this country, was a sin.

Netflix “House of Cards” VS FX “Tyrant” #6

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After watching thirty-eight episodes of the Netflix original series “House of Cards.” I’ve come to the conclusion that you could take the original series from FX “Tyrant” and switch the two series out and the two shows would both play out the same.

Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey as president of the United States, could play the same part as Ashraf Barhom who plays the leader of a middle eastern country. They both have killed people, and run their respective countries to benefit themselves. Both are ruthless dictators. I see so many parallels between Frank Underwood and our current President Osama bin Laden … Oops I mean Barack Hussein Obama

In year three, Underwood decides that he’s going to put forty thousand people to work in the Washington DC area. Now the way he’s going to do this, and this sounds just like Obama, he’s going to take money away from FEMA to pay all the employer’s $45,000 a year for each person they put to work. But when the employers discover that the money is about to run out, they notified the people they’ve hired that there’re going to let them go. Truly sounds like another democratic scheme. You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound like the current sitting president and some of the shenanigans that he’s pulled in the six a half years he’s been in office. Course you could probably say the same thing about Congress and the Senate. They pull the same kind of stunts.

This may turn a lot of the people off that are reading my post, but I am all for Donald Trump for President of the United States. Truth is with him.

Netflix “House of Cards” #5

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Completed watching episode five of season three. I have to wonder why Netflix chose DC as a place for president Underwood to roll out his jobs program. Was it because they wanted to show how corrupt Underwood’s presidency is? I think it’s more than that. I think they wanted to show a correlation between Underwood’s presidency and Obama’s presidency. In this episode they talk about executive orders, and Underwood talks about how wrong it would be to issue one to put troops in harm’s way but how good he would feel. Sounds like our current sitting president.

I encourage everyone to watch this original series from Netflix, especially now that were beginning the start the run for our next president. It will truly make you stop and think about who you want to put in that office. Do we want someone who’s gonna sneak behind our backs, tell lies to the American public, screw somebody on the president’s desk? And most of all, do you want a president that spits in the face of God.

I think Underwood’s conversation with the Bishop in the church and then his spitting in the face of God is symbolic of Netflix attempt to show what the current president thinks of Christianity.

Damn, Kevin Spacey is doing a fantastic job of showing what we have for a president right now. You can’t help but love the bad.

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