Comments Off on Protesters

And so it begins … the protest over who will be our new president. Van Jones, a commentator for CNN, was on several shows pushing the race card as much as he could. Any comment by him had racial overtones.

This is why I hate news commentators. They push their agendas no matter the out come. If all news channels went off the air we as a country would be better off.

News commentators are at the same level as politicians,  snake level.

As for the protesters, they are welcome to leave this country and live somewhere else. Won’t miss them … won’t care … won’t think about their sorry life.


He Wanted Life to be Interesting


I have been thinking this week about what I would post on my blog. I have been having difficulty trying to determine just what I wanted to talk about. I have kicked several ideas around but after considerable consideration, I ended up dropping each of ideas as not provocative enough.

Yesterday while watching the evening news I decided on the subject. I must first make one statement very clear. Throughout my life, I have learned that there is a God and a devil. That has been made very clear to me through actions in my life. What I am about to say, in this post, some of you may question that statement.

During the newscast, there was a discussion about the death of a five-year-old girl. She was run over by a young man driving a car who was not paying attention while driving down the street. It was a senseless and needless death. It’s one of those deaths that we sit and listen to the newscast and wonder why it even happened.

That being said, some of the information has been changed for purposes of this post.

My wife has an African tortoise that she has spent almost $1000 trying to get healthy. He recently swallowed a nail that she discovered when she took him to the vet at Texas A&M University. He will not eat or drink any water, and he is slowly dying. The vet does not want to operate on him because it would require cracking the shell, and it would take a long time for the shell to heal. Along with that, it would require special handling of the tortoise during the time of his healing.

We wonder why things like this happen to us. Your life is going along without any major bumps. Life seems to be great. You have the usual ups and downs. Johnny scrapes his hand or knee, and you have to put a Band-Aid it. Maybe the car gets a flat tire, or Susie gets sick, and you have to take her to the doctor to get some medicine. The usual difficulties of family life.

Then something major happens in your life. Your five-year-old daughter happens to go out into the street. The same street, she, and all her friends have played in for five years with all the other kids in the neighborhood. A car comes down the street driven by one of the local teenagers who has lived in that neighborhood all his life. He is not paying attention, because he is texting his girlfriend on his new cell phone. He hits the child killing her instantly. He knew the children would be playing in the street because he has seen them every day that he has lived in the neighborhood. Why would today be any different? Why would he be paying attention to a cell phone that he purchased recently texting his girlfriend rather than paying attention to the children that he knew full well would be there.

The tortoise. Why would the tortoise swallow a nail? There is no logical reason for a tortoise to consume a nail. It does not make any logical sense. My wife has had this tortoise for six years. Yet now that poor animal will not eat or drink water. It’s slowly dying. Short of forcing water and food down the tortoise, there appears to be nothing we can do. The vet’s tells us that he is not sure that will even work. Once we stop force-feeding the tortoise, he’s not sure the tortoise will continue to eat. He is not sure that the tortoise has not decided to die.

I hear many people say that things happen for a reason. Many of my friends always tell me that life has a purpose and that when something happens in your life it happens for a reason. I hear other people say they do not believe in coincidences. If you believe everything in life is for a reason and you do not believe in coincidences, then what do you believe.

Many years ago, I was seeing a therapist. I know, go ahead, and say it. You can see why. We got into a heavy discussion concerning God. He asked me what my thoughts were about God and why I believed God allowed things to happen in our life. When I came out with the remark, to make life interesting, I think I threw him for a loop. He sat there, looked at me for a bit, and then asked me what I meant.

I told him that it was my belief that God decided that life got boring and that he wanted life to be different. Therefore, he changed things. He would make our lives interesting. You must always be on your guard. God is going to change your life in some way when life becomes boring and simple. It is not always going to be the simple level life that you always think it’s going to be. If you allow yourself to become lulled into thinking that life has become the level playing field that you have always wanted it to be, then there is a change somewhere around the corner. You need to be prepared for that change. If you’re not, then you should be prepared for the consequences.

God likes change, and we always have things happening in our lives that are available to him to make those changes that will make his life interesting.

I am sure you have something to say about this. Even if it’s that I am a nut job.

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