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If you watch the news every night, and the reports about the protesters against the new immigration rules, you began to see that the news channels are very biased on how they report. They will have five separate reports on people that dislike the new immigration rules but only one for people that support them. That’s why people hate the news channels. They’re supposed to be fair and unbiased but they are the biggest biased people in the world. That’s why I spend so little time watching the news. Everything is slanted to their liberal way of thinking.

New Concept Car of The Future


See the latest Honda concept electric car that charges in three hours, revealed at Tokyo Motor Show.

Get more Honda EV-Ster Concept photos and news here: http://bit.ly/vWrc1B

When I looked at this car, it said writer all over it. This is the kind of car a writer would drive. Futuristic, slick, low rider, sleek. Looks like a writers manuscript that he/she just completed, and it’s dripping with suspense, ready to run, like the great race horse Secretariat.

Can’t you see yourself in this fine machine. Sure you can … tell yourself the truth.

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