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If you watch the news every night, and the reports about the protesters against the new immigration rules, you began to see that the news channels are very biased on how they report. They will have five separate reports on people that dislike the new immigration rules but only one for people that support them. That’s why people hate the news channels. They’re supposed to be fair and unbiased but they are the biggest biased people in the world. That’s why I spend so little time watching the news. Everything is slanted to their liberal way of thinking.

Netflix “House of Cards”

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Watch three more episodes today. All the back stabbing that I would expect in our government. They trapped a guy breaking the law so they could put him in prison so that he couldn’t prove that the VP of the United States killed someone. Actually two someones. What a good representative of the people.

Kevin Spacey is doing such a great job of playing the serial killer and Vice President. What more could we expect from the second in command of this country? Why, it makes me want to vote for one of the people running in two years; NOT.

This show is everything our government is. And don’t tell me you don’t agree with me. That’s why so many people are for Trump. The only man that is telling us the truth.



If anyone has read the novel “Zoo,” by James Patterson, and then watched the TV series Zoo, you have discovered that you are disappointed by what NBC had done to the story line.

The storyline follows the novel only by the premise that a chemical is affecting the animals. Once you get past that part of the story nothing else holds true. I cannot believe what NBC has done to this novel. I am even more amazed at the fact that James Patterson allowed the producers to destroy everything that he created in this novel.

Don’t waste your time reading the book and watching the TV series. Do one or the other but not both. In fact, I wouldn’t even recommend watching the TV series. Would be a total waste of time.

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