Donald Trump has not become our president yet, and people are trying to tear him down. I will admit that when Mr. Trump first started running for president, I supported him all the way. But after a while, I began to worry considering some of the things he said and did. But since Mr. Trump has been elected our president his tone has changed and his views on people seem to have changed as well. Consider all the things that Romney said about Trump as well as Paul Ryan and how they seem to be getting along better now is a prime example.
Everything Mr. Trump is doing now appears to be all the right thing. His recent meeting with all the tech giants of this country I see as nothing but beneficial. He is meeting with all the players giving them some foresight of what his presidency will be. I don’t see how anyone can complain about that.
I will admit, that it is a little concerning the fact that Donald Trump’s children seem to have a significant position in his presidency, but he has always indicated that they are some of his most trusted advisors. If they can help mold Mr. Trump into the kind of president we want them, I’m all for it. But I’m not sure how some of these children can run his company and be involved in the presidency at the same time. But I feel like we need to give Mr. Trump a chance to prove what he has said is going to happen.
As far as the Russians are concerned, I think it’s a wait and see how Mr. Trump handles Mr. Putin. He is the first president we have ever had that is more in tune with the economy than playing politics. Trump has indicated that Trump is going to do a lot to rebuild the economic engine of this country. I think we should give him a chance to prove that he can do that before we try to destroy him as a person and the president.
If in his first year he shows that he is totally opposite to what he keeps telling us then, by all means, let the chips fall where they may. But until then, people need to give him a break.

Democratic Election Loss

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The loss of this election can be laid at the feet of President Brack Obama. He won 8 years ago with the promise of change. He changed nothing.

Instead, he continued with the same play book as every other president. This may have connected with the blacks, Hispanics and other minority’s, but it fell short when it came to the so called “uneducated.”

You knowthem as the ones who don’t have a college degree. The ones he and every other college educated look down on. That’s a shame because these are the people that grew up learning the hard way. Those people wanted change. And so they waited for 8. Years and then took out their anger on Hillary Clinton.

They punched her squarely in the stomach and keeped on punching until she was down and out.

Everything Obama put in placed during his 8 years could easily be rolled back by a stroke of a pin.

We will see what happens, but Obama has no one to blame but himself. To bad!!

You don’t turn your back on rural America and get away with it. To bad Hillary and Obama learned it the hard way.

How are you going to vote

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If someone asked you that question, would you tell them? The answer should be no. That’s why I think there are a lot of closets Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are going to vote for Donald Trump even though the polls say differently.

As for our own Mark Cuban, he will be eating a basketball center court at the American Airlines Arena, after the election and Donald Trump wins the presidency.

Khan and Clinton

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I see all the uproar over what Donald Trump is said about the Kahn’s. What I don’t see, is it any uproar over the fact that Clinton and the Kahn’s are telling Donald Trump that he’s not a patriot or that he knows the Constitution because none of his children have died for this country. What I take away from that is, the two parties are recommending that he have some of his children killed so he can understand what it means to be a patriot. It’s pretty cold-blooded. And I might point out that Clinton hasn’t had any of her children die for this country either, so how can she be a patriot. The problem is people are just to be called the bandwagon because it’s Donald Trump. And now John McCain has entered the conversation and he really has nothing to add to it that’s worth hearing.

Despite all the hoopla law and complaining about Donald Trump, I hope he wins the election. We need a good shakeup in our government, and he is just the man we need to make it happen.


NBC & Comcast

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I see that NBC has decided to disassociate itself from Donald Trump. That means they are dropping his successful show “The Apprentice”.

I can understand where they are coming from. But by dropping the show they are trying to force their beliefs on the public. They could have just as easily publish a statement that said that what he said was not representative of NBC/Comcast beliefs. But rather they decide that they will do all they can to stop the man from running for election. I think the opposite will be the effect. The man is stubborn. He will not bow down to anyone, including NBC/Comcast. This will only make him stronger.

I also think that the issue of the Confederate flag is nothing but a sham. The black people in this country want to call the southern states that fought in that war white trash states. I have often wondered why the blacks of this country don’t try to have the southern states removed as states of this country. I mean look at it this way. Those states fought for what they believed. They didn’t fight for slavery, but Rather the right to govern themselves the way they saw fit. They lost and so be it. But if you really want to make a statement. Then either force them to change their name or be removed from the 50 states. Sounds crazy and harsh, but isn’t it the same way of thinking that all the nut jobs are thinking about a flag. Come on, a piece of cloth defines you. I don’t think so.

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