How often do you think about dying? I am not talking about committing suicide. I am talking about accidental dying or a car accident. I am talking about waking up one morning and proceeding with your normal day activities and dropping over with a sudden heart attack.

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who is married and has two children. The children are fourteen and eight. He has been happily married for 21 years. He made the comment that if it were his time to die that he would accept it as his time to go. I thought about that for a while. Was he sure about that?

I asked him if there were any circumstance, which that statement would change. He thought about it for a minute and told me that he did not think so. I consider that and then decided to present a scenario to him to see if that would change his mind.

I asked him to fill out a sheet of paper as a Do Not Resuscitate order. Then I ask them to place that order in his wallet. It’s now official. You have notified all medical officials that if you are in an accident of any kind, and the only way you can live is on life support system and  your heart fails, you do not want to be resuscitated. I could tell by the look on his face something had changed.

You’re driving home from work one afternoon, and you’re in a major accident. You’re taken to the hospital, and the staff is going through your wallet and discovers the DNR form. You have serious injuries, and while they are working on you, your heart fails. Under the conditions of the DNR, you’re a dead man. To follow the required rules for DNR, they cannot attempt to revive you.

Now, are you afraid to die under those conditions? You have just left your wife and two daughters alone. He pulled the DNR form out of his wallet and destroyed it. He said that he would not fill one with those out until both is kids had left home. I laughed, and I told him that will be never.

I often wonder if people make the comment that they are not afraid of dying because they think that it will happen to them sometime in the future. Do they ever contemplate the idea that it could be the next day, the next hour, or maybe the next ten minutes. You never know what might happen to you from minute to minute. You can get up from your chair, and begin to walk away step on your shoestring, fall forward and hit your head on the coffee table. You could be dead all by accident.

I remember once when eating a piece of chicken. The chicken was cold, and I usually warm up chicken before I eat it. I was also home alone. When I went to swallow the chicken it got lodged in my throat, and I could not get it out. No matter what I tried, it would not come out, and I began to realize that I was losing the oxygen that I needed to live. I continue to try to dislodge the piece of chicken. I was about to pass out and fell forward on to the floor. When I did, the forces of my body striking the floor dislodge the chicken. That was the only thing that saved me. I make sure that all chicken is warmed that I eat now. If I go to a restaurant, I request that they warm the chicken before they put it on a cold salad. I check to make sure, before I eat the food.

You never know when death is going to knock on your door. The idea that you are not afraid of dying, often makes me wonder if people think that death is something that will happen to them in the distant future rather than within the next 10 min.

Which one are you?