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I have pondered this question for some time. I wonder through ideas for posts on my blog, wondering who my real audience is. I don’t really know. I do a lot of little things in my life each day, but there’s not any major function or activity that I do on a regular basis. The one activity I do every day, or at least try to do every day is walking. I have a large assortment of orchids that I take care of on a daily basis, and to my surprise I now have four of them that producing stems to ultimately produce flowers. But I don’t do enough with the orchids to make it a regular blog posting. I work out doors maintaining all the plans that my wife and I have during the summer months, and we bring them indoors during the winter months. I ride my bicycle on a regular basis but there’s nothing that I do during that ride that would make blogging about it interesting.

My biggest activity on a daily basis is writing. Since 2008 I have written five manuscripts, self published two of them, and I am working on three more to publish. Each manuscript has been submitted to numerous agents to see if I can find someone interested in the book, but so far no takers. But I don’t just write the books and then publish them, I have a couple of writers who edit my manuscripts for me so that they are grammatically correct, and they help me with the storyline and characters. But I’m not into self-promoting my work, so I don’t write about my stories. Although I think the storylines I have created are good.

So we stay that I sit down and open on my blog, I asked myself the same question. Who is my audience? And since I started my blog I have yet to figure that out.

The Hidden Jungle

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City Planners

If you could clone one element from another city you’ve visited — a building, a cultural institution, a common street food, etc. — and bring it back to your own hometown, what would it be?

In Laguna Beach California, the local utilities, city and communities are systematically placing all utilities that are on the polls underground.

We have some of the wildest weather in the country in Texas and especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Placing utilities underground would eliminate many of the power outages that we have after the storms.

Especially the kind of weather we had this past winter when we had numerous ice storms that caused outages across both Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding communities. If the electric company, were required to place these utilities underground, many of the power outages that we experience would go away.

No one wants to talk about such a project because of the cost. However, look at the cost when you have power outages that last week(s) and the month(s). The local utility has to bring in utility companies from all over the country to get the power back up and to function for its customers.

What do you think about the idea?

Friday Night Dinner Out

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Every Friday night my wife and I go out to dinner after a long stressful week at work. The place we go to is a local neighborhood restaurant, the kind you find in many neighborhoods around the country, in the strip malls that grow up around communities where people raise their families.

The food is excellent, inexpensive especially for a casual night out.

After we had been visiting the restaurant for about a month and a half, I asked my wife if she wished for something different now and then on our Friday nights out. To my surprise she told me, no.

Her explanation was that she enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant and the fact that she could relax and enjoy her glass of wine without feeling as if she was in any kind of formal atmosphere.

We now know the manager quite well, even to the point that he has spent time explaining to us about his recent heart attack. Now each time we visit and he is not at the restaurant we always asked if anything has happened because we are concerned about his health.

Another thing is that during our visits I have begun to take notice of the different people who visit the restaurant on the Friday evenings that we are there. And what I have found is that there is a standard group of people who visit the restaurant every Friday evening. It appears to me that we are not the only couple visiting this family restaurant, especially on a Friday evening enjoying the friendship of the other adults in the community to get out of the house after a hard week at work.

I don’t feel guilty anymore asking my wife for this one guilty pleasure each week.

I enjoy people watching and sitting at the restaurant watching the different people that come and go is an enjoyable event for me each Friday. Last week there was a woman who showed up with a pit-bull in tow. She had a choke collar on the poor dog that looked like if she pulled it too hard the collar would cut the poor dog in half. Clearly, the dog was more than she could control. Several weeks ago a gentleman showed up with 2 dogs that appeared to be greyhounds. The gentleman was lean and muscular. The dogs, he tried to make them into the same body form as he, you could count every rib in their body.

The name of the restaurant is Fuzzy Taco. If you have one of these restaurants in your area, you should visit the restaurant. It has a delightful family atmosphere and everyone that I have met that works at the one we visit has a enthusiastic attitude.



Rain.Let It Rain

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It’s pouring rain this morning, but that’s a good thing. My fig trees grow better the more water they get. Turns out the more water the faster the trees grow and the pumper the figs, and my trees are covered in figs.

This past winter I trimmed my large fig tree back so that all the limbs were cut off, and the tree would have to produce new growth. Everyone told me what a mistake I made. The tree would die and never return from this horrible trimming.

Well check out the tree now.

After Trim

New Growth

I had to trim the growth back around the bottom of the tree, started to look like a jungle and our tortoise, who happens to love fig tree leaves, began destroying the bottom smaller branches.

And the number of figs are twice the number I had last year when the tree was large and I could not reach the figs that were thirty feet in the air, but the birds and squirrels loved them. This year we will  make jars of fig jam from the figs we will be able to pick from the tree.

I have ten friends who have ask for fig trees and I have them growing now in pots. Soon I will be delivering them to my friends. It feels good to see the new life growing and starting to spring forth and to know that figs will be produced in the next few years all around the condos.

We plan to plant several trees in the open areas so the birds will have their own supply of figs to enjoy twice a year.

What do you think about my hobby.

Growing Like A Fig Tree

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I’ve been away from my blog for a while, not sure if I planned to continue posting or if I would discontinue the blog, Facebook and twitter accounts.

I have so many hours in the day and when I tried to figure out what I want to put in those hours I thought about my blog, Facebook and twitter accounts and wonder if either of those items were worth the time to fill up my day.

I have continued to visit the Facebook page on a regular basis. That takes up my time, trying to read all the post that everyone placed on the page and trying my best to decided if I should add a comment to any of the post. I could spend a lot of time just posting to many of the Facebook postings alone.

I completed the Steven King Book, “On Writing”, and he was not one for all this social networking stuff, at least that was what I took away from the book when he wrote it at the time. Now could be a different situation.

But, I grow fig trees from cuttings, and the other day I was working with several new cuttings and several new leafs that were spouting out, and I thought how I am one of those new leafs as a writer, just starting out.

I need the earth, sun and rain to help me grow. I compared that to the teaching of others like Kristen, Jodi, Prudence, Laird, Cora and the many others on Facebook.

I twitted that on twitter this morning and now I am posting the information on my Blog. I have to get back to the social networking and realize that I have to be a part of life and I can’t live in my cave like my grand kids call my office, where I work on my books each day.

I have to grow like my fig trees and sprout limbs and leafs like the trees do and grow large and bear fruit just like they do and one day I will bear the fruit.

32 OZ Over Weight.

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I know we have all heard about Mayor Bloomberg and his battle against the giant sodas in the city of New York. I for one am against the Nanny gate idea, but I have to agree that people do not have to have such a large sugar drink.

I have to tell a story about myself, and why I support such a move by the Mayor.

All my life I have been over weight. For the last 30 years I have weighed over 300 lbs. During the last 5 years, I have read as much information as I could find on the internet about how sugary or diet drinks effect the body and push our bodies to desire more sugar.

Everything I read says that the more sugary and diet drinks we consume, the more sugar our bodies desire.

The first of the year I went to see my doctor, and he ran a blood test. My glucose level was well over 310. That day I decided to change my eating habits. I stopped all diet drinks, drank coffee in the morning, and water the balance of the day. I stopped all bread, chips, crackers, red meat, cookies, white rice, potatoes, and starchy foods of any kind. Eat more fresh vegetable, fish, chicken, pork.

The next doctor’s visit my blood sugar was 91. My cholesterol dropped from 187 to 137 and my weight had already dropped 10 lbs. The doctor was surprised at the changes.

This happened over a 90-day period and I lost the desire to eat any sugary products. Within 2 weeks of discontinuing the sugary diet drinks, I no longer had the desire of eating any sweet foods.

It’s now been 6 months and I do not eat sweets or drink sweet drinks of any kind, even diet drinks. I do not reach for them or want them. My test worked and I was right. It’s all in the body and the more sweet drinks, even diet that we consume the more sweets our body wants.

Test and see what happens. Parents that allow their children to consume even diet drinks are pushing their children toward the consumption of sugar. Test it and see what happens. Only allow them to drink water for several weeks and see if the desire to consume sweets begins to drop off.

If you drink diet drinks, test it on yourself first and see what happens.

Think I’m nuts, tell me.

Friendship A Fickle Weenie

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My wife asked me to go to a birthday party last night. It was for her cousin Nick. He’s one of her favorite cousins, and when he was in the hair business, he did her hair every month.

He’s now happily married and lives across town from us. When I say across town, it’s a good 45 min. drive.

When we arrived, Nick’s wife Sherry greeted us at the door. She welcomed us into her home but seemed surprised we were there. When Nick showed a few minutes later, his comment was, “well I am surprised you even attended my party.” He was talking more to my wife than me.

It was evident by the look on my wife’s face that the comment hurt her feelings. As mentioned earlier, my wife went to Nick religiously to have her hair done when he was a beautician. She attended his wedding. I think she may have even helped with the planning. Helped him move into his new home, and often went to lunch whenever he called and asked. Several times, she has made trips see Nick and his wife in their new home just to visit. The idea that she would not attend his birthday party surprised her. I even think she attended last year’s party.

Sherry mentioned she had food in the kitchen to which we mentioned we had already eaten. She seemed displeased with the response we gave her, turned around, and walked out of the room.

Nick asked my wife what she wanted to drink, and she asked for wine, her usual choice of poison. He advised her that since he did not expect her to attend, and everyone else drank hard liquor he had no wine. At this point being the, “AH” I can be, I asked her if she were ready to leave. She wanted to stay.

Nick disappeared and did not reappear for some time. Understanding that it is his birthday, and he can do as Nick pleases, it does seem to me that he could have confirmed one way or the other. Especially with a friend who has attended many other events in his life, and in the past he seemed to enjoy spending time with. But this night was different. Maybe it was the fact I was there. I don’t play his games.

Friendship is a fickle weenie. We only use it when it suits us. We only desire it when it benefits us. Other times we shove it to the side. We may try to cover up all these reactions and say it ain’t so, but that ain’t so.

Over the years, I have traveled a lot in the good old US of A. I was in the field of Engineering and Construction, building Communication systems around the USA. I have met many people. I have met their families and children. Got to know them and had BBQ and had fun. Called them my friends.

However, later, when they discovered that I couldn’t do anything for them as the years passed by. It was all over. If I am close by on a trip or traveling on vacation, hell, so called friends wouldn’t even have time to say hello. We only use it when it suits us.

We form clicks and shut the rest out. We only want those that qualify or meet our (poor)standards to be our friends. The problem is our standards may not be that convincing when viewed from the other side of the tracks.

It’s as the guy that everyone thinks is the most outstanding man in the neighborhood, church going straight shooter. Only to discover he is part of a large ring of pedophiles. When the police arrests him all you hear is, I never knew, I can’t image, he was such a terrific guy.

I guess we need friends and family to remind us about our enemies.

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