I now there will be those who will say that this could have been a white man who did this, and I would say yes it could. But read the rest of the story.

This morning, I was walking through the Walmart parking lot toward the entrance. I was almost at the area with the white strips for the pedestrian walkway into the front of the store. I heard a car hook, and at first I figured it was another car hooking at a car that was baking out of a parking spot. But like an idiot, I turned to see who it was.

Setting about five feet behind me was an older model red Ford Taurus. The man at the steering wheel stared at me and waved his hand indicating he wanted me to move on. As I turned back to continue walking, he yelled through the window, “Hey you white cracker, I’m in a hurry”, Of course I had to stop and look at him one more time. He started to laugh and yell, “I’m in a hurry, move it”.

By then I had entered the white strip area and he pulled forward and then turned the wheel and speed away.

If I had any brains, I would have stood in front of his car and called 911. Of course, then he may have run me down and drove away.

The man couldn’t wait ten seconds and I would have been out of his way. He did it because he’s an asshole.

So yes, it could have been a white man, but the man made it a racial issue by calling me a white cracker.