The Noise

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My wife snores ….like a sailor. We sleep in separate bedrooms and have for 4 years. She kept me up all night. I had to move. I can still hear her in her room. It’s kind of funny.

She takes trips with her girlfriends. I ask how they deal with her snoring, she doesn’t know, they never say anything about it she tells me.  I find that hard to believe.

Makes for a sorry love life


Democratic Election Loss

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The loss of this election can be laid at the feet of President Brack Obama. He won 8 years ago with the promise of change. He changed nothing.

Instead, he continued with the same play book as every other president. This may have connected with the blacks, Hispanics and other minority’s, but it fell short when it came to the so called “uneducated.”

You knowthem as the ones who don’t have a college degree. The ones he and every other college educated look down on. That’s a shame because these are the people that grew up learning the hard way. Those people wanted change. And so they waited for 8. Years and then took out their anger on Hillary Clinton.

They punched her squarely in the stomach and keeped on punching until she was down and out.

Everything Obama put in placed during his 8 years could easily be rolled back by a stroke of a pin.

We will see what happens, but Obama has no one to blame but himself. To bad!!

You don’t turn your back on rural America and get away with it. To bad Hillary and Obama learned it the hard way.


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And so it begins … the protest over who will be our new president. Van Jones, a commentator for CNN, was on several shows pushing the race card as much as he could. Any comment by him had racial overtones.

This is why I hate news commentators. They push their agendas no matter the out come. If all news channels went off the air we as a country would be better off.

News commentators are at the same level as politicians,  snake level.

As for the protesters, they are welcome to leave this country and live somewhere else. Won’t miss them … won’t care … won’t think about their sorry life.


How are you going to vote

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If someone asked you that question, would you tell them? The answer should be no. That’s why I think there are a lot of closets Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are going to vote for Donald Trump even though the polls say differently.

As for our own Mark Cuban, he will be eating a basketball center court at the American Airlines Arena, after the election and Donald Trump wins the presidency.

Khan and Clinton

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I see all the uproar over what Donald Trump is said about the Kahn’s. What I don’t see, is it any uproar over the fact that Clinton and the Kahn’s are telling Donald Trump that he’s not a patriot or that he knows the Constitution because none of his children have died for this country. What I take away from that is, the two parties are recommending that he have some of his children killed so he can understand what it means to be a patriot. It’s pretty cold-blooded. And I might point out that Clinton hasn’t had any of her children die for this country either, so how can she be a patriot. The problem is people are just to be called the bandwagon because it’s Donald Trump. And now John McCain has entered the conversation and he really has nothing to add to it that’s worth hearing.

Despite all the hoopla law and complaining about Donald Trump, I hope he wins the election. We need a good shakeup in our government, and he is just the man we need to make it happen.


Over And Over

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There is an old saying, “If you do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome that is the definition of insanity.” Then please explain to me why we continue to elect the same old people into office. Clearly we live in a world of insane insanity.


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If you have paid attention to the Republican debates, and everything that Cruz and Rubio said, then you have heard every reason to vote for someone else.

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