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If you watch the news every night, and the reports about the protesters against the new immigration rules, you began to see that the news channels are very biased on how they report. They will have five separate reports on people that dislike the new immigration rules but only one for people that support them. That’s why people hate the news channels. They’re supposed to be fair and unbiased but they are the biggest biased people in the world. That’s why I spend so little time watching the news. Everything is slanted to their liberal way of thinking.


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Their lives are so boring they have to protest to have a life.  Hugglyness is all they can show for a shallow life.


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Kudos to Chuck Todd and the Meet the Press crew. Today, January 1, 2017, they finally had a show that I enjoyed watching.



Obama recently said that he could have beat Trump if he could have run.  The important words here, “could have run.” He can’t back those words up so they’re just sand in the wind, just like his last 8 years. Why do people make statements they know they can prove; because they can and because they don’t have to prove them. Just sand in the wind.

When Obama leaves the White House he will be nothing but sand in the wind.


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I laugh every time I read something online where someone is making ridiculous statements or joking about something Pres. Donald Trump said. Even going so far as to criticize the dance team from Texas for agreeing to dance at his inauguration. Even the New York City dance team has been criticized. But the funny thing about this, he will still be president elect Donald Trump when all is said and done, enable just be sand in the wind. Their life will be meaningless. In their words hollow.


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Watching the NBA is like watching high school basketball, or the NFL before instant replay. There are so many bad calls it’s not worth watching.

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My wife snores ….like a sailor. We sleep in separate bedrooms and have for 4 years. She kept me up all night. I had to move. I can still hear her in her room. It’s kind of funny.

She takes trips with her girlfriends. I ask how they deal with her snoring, she doesn’t know, they never say anything about it she tells me.  I find that hard to believe.

Makes for a sorry love life


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