I see all the uproar over what Donald Trump is said about the Kahn’s. What I don’t see, is it any uproar over the fact that Clinton and the Kahn’s are telling Donald Trump that he’s not a patriot or that he knows the Constitution because none of his children have died for this country. What I take away from that is, the two parties are recommending that he have some of his children killed so he can understand what it means to be a patriot. It’s pretty cold-blooded. And I might point out that Clinton hasn’t had any of her children die for this country either, so how can she be a patriot. The problem is people are just to be called the bandwagon because it’s Donald Trump. And now John McCain has entered the conversation and he really has nothing to add to it that’s worth hearing.

Despite all the hoopla law and complaining about Donald Trump, I hope he wins the election. We need a good shakeup in our government, and he is just the man we need to make it happen.