Clinton’s money

I’m tired of waking up on a Monday morning and reading about some lame ass idea that some rich politician has to help the country. When are these dumb ass politicians going to understand that  the middle class is tired of them spending our money because they think they have a good idea. This one SUCKS!!!!!

Clinton’s idea of spending money to make school, college free is about as stupid as studying the sex habits of squirrels, and yes we have paid for that.

This dumb idea of spending $350 Billion dollars for college, she can spend out of her own pocket. We need this like we need the Russians to drop an H Bomb on our country. We have much more serious things to deal with than making school free for the lame students that go to school and take Spanish as a major.

Besides, it’s all about votes and, God, please, don’t allow her to be president. That would be worse than the one we have now, that a bunch of lame voters put into office simple because he is black. Look at the mess he has created for our country and she won’t do any better, rather worse.

It’s bad to say this, but if I could have seen into he future when I was twenty, I would have never had kids. Bring them into this messed up world and especially this country, was a sin.