And so we come to the end of season three. Frank Underwood’s Chief of Staff is about to kill the one girl that knows all his flaws. But wait, he may have developed a  conscience.  He let the girl go, but then he changed his mind and ran her over and buried her.  So now we have a serial killer Chief of Staff for the President of the United States. We have a president who is a serial killer. And he’s running our country like a ruthless dictator.

And so here we are, a government controlled by killers. I still think Netflix is playing politics.

At the end of episode 13, Clair leaves the President.   Now Underwood has a real enemy. Can’t wait for season 4. Should be a real cutthroat season. I have to wonder whether Clair will run for president or some other office to fight Underwood.

I can’t call Underwood President, he’s a bad guy, but I think we all wonder if our elected officials are made from the same mold. I think they are. I wonder where all the bodies are buried. Maybe we’ll learn one day.

Bring on season 4.