After watching thirty-eight episodes of the Netflix original series “House of Cards.” I’ve come to the conclusion that you could take the original series from FX “Tyrant” and switch the two series out and the two shows would both play out the same.

Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey as president of the United States, could play the same part as Ashraf Barhom who plays the leader of a middle eastern country. They both have killed people, and run their respective countries to benefit themselves. Both are ruthless dictators. I see so many parallels between Frank Underwood and our current President Osama bin Laden … Oops I mean Barack Hussein Obama

In year three, Underwood decides that he’s going to put forty thousand people to work in the Washington DC area. Now the way he’s going to do this, and this sounds just like Obama, he’s going to take money away from FEMA to pay all the employer’s $45,000 a year for each person they put to work. But when the employers discover that the money is about to run out, they notified the people they’ve hired that there’re going to let them go. Truly sounds like another democratic scheme. You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound like the current sitting president and some of the shenanigans that he’s pulled in the six a half years he’s been in office. Course you could probably say the same thing about Congress and the Senate. They pull the same kind of stunts.

This may turn a lot of the people off that are reading my post, but I am all for Donald Trump for President of the United States. Truth is with him.