Completed watching episode five of season three. I have to wonder why Netflix chose DC as a place for president Underwood to roll out his jobs program. Was it because they wanted to show how corrupt Underwood’s presidency is? I think it’s more than that. I think they wanted to show a correlation between Underwood’s presidency and Obama’s presidency. In this episode they talk about executive orders, and Underwood talks about how wrong it would be to issue one to put troops in harm’s way but how good he would feel. Sounds like our current sitting president.

I encourage everyone to watch this original series from Netflix, especially now that were beginning the start the run for our next president. It will truly make you stop and think about who you want to put in that office. Do we want someone who’s gonna sneak behind our backs, tell lies to the American public, screw somebody on the president’s desk? And most of all, do you want a president that spits in the face of God.

I think Underwood’s conversation with the Bishop in the church and then his spitting in the face of God is symbolic of Netflix attempt to show what the current president thinks of Christianity.

Damn, Kevin Spacey is doing a fantastic job of showing what we have for a president right now. You can’t help but love the bad.