Watched the evening news. Four people arrested for DUI/DWI. two of them ran into a ladder truck. For those who don’t know what that is, it one of the largest fire engines. They do much damage to the truck that the transmission was torn out of it and the truck is now totaled. Three fireman were sitting on the front bumper when it happened. The impact throw them almost 100′ in the air. Thank the Good Lord they weren’t hurt. One woman and one man were arrested for DUI/DWI.

The second incident happened when a young man stopped to help some people that were involved in an accident. The guy came by while the young man was standing near the accident and hit and killed him. The DUI/DWI driver is now arrested for killing the young man.

When is this country going to reach a point to where they demand that laws are past that really do something to stopped these people. Actually I don’t think it will ever happen because the majority of people who read this drink and drive. Most elected officials drink. They don’t want to pass stiffer laws. They know it could be them one day. That’s why we as a society will never do anything to stop the scourge of drunk drivers. Even one drink can impair you. In a lot of states one drink will put the drinker over the limit.

For me. If someone is found guilty of DUI/DWI, the fact that they are not put to death is a failure to penalize. It’s a proven fact that if you’re stopped once, you’ll be st5opped again, unless someone else stops you from driving. Everyday in this city someone dies from drunk drivers. What about the kid, Ethan Couch,  that was let off by the judge when he killed 4 people when he was drunk. That doesn’t prove we forgive and forget about drunk drivers I don’t know what does. There’s a perfect example of a judicial system finding lenience on drunk drivers.

When will enough be enough…when it’s you or one of your family. Could happen sooner than you think. Drunk driving is on the rise.

Give them the death penalty is the only way. Then close every bar that serves customers more than they can drink and drive.