My wife and I have two cats, Carlos and Ricky. Carlos is a Main Coon cat. He weighs twice as much as Ricky. I have a large desk in my office, and for some reason Carlos has decided that part of that desk is his home. The desk is L-shaped, and Carlos is taken up living on the L-shaped side of the desk. He spends about 40% of his day laying there sleeping under the light from my desk. It’s funny, we have a sign in the house that reads, “it’s the Cats House, we just pay the mortgage.” The sign fits exactly the way the cat behave. My wife has put a set of steps next to my desk so that Carlos can crawl up onto my desk using the steps. If someone is setting on the top step, Carlos wall said at the bottom and stare at their but until they get up so he can get onto his little piece of property. It’s so funny.