Do you know how you can tell when the soil is free of chemicals. The earthworms are plentiful.

Every morning I go for a walk. One of the things that I hunt for while I am walking are earthworms that have crawled onto the sidewalk. Once the sun starts to beat down on them they dry out and die.

But earthworms are good for the soil. They help break it up, keep it loose, and allow the plants to grow. Also the water is able to enter the soil easier and reach down deeper to water the plants.

While I am walking, and I find earthworms that have crawled out onto the sidewalk I picked them up and put them back in the grass. You should try doing this sometime. When you put the earthworms back into the grass from which it came, you feel like you have saved the world. It’s a great feeling watching that her earthworm as it crawls into the grass and begins to try and worm his way down into the soil.

Here’s a picture of one I found this morning.


The little guy is much happier now I am sure.