Every day people are injured because of accidents that they either didn’t because they were not paying attention.

Each morning when I go out for my daily walk I walk around the condos that I live in. There’s a sidewalk that runs all the way around the buildings that is probably close all quarter mile in length. It makes for great exercise.

But sometimes, if you are not paying attention to what’s going on around you you could be injured. This morning was one of those times. Someone had backed a truck up in the parking lot so that the latter haying off the back of the truck hung over the sidewalk. Standing flat-footed, the top of my hat reached the latter. If I was only a few inches taller, and not paying attention to what was going on around me, I would’ve hit my head on this latter.

The truck belongs to a contractor working for Time Warner cable in the Dallas area. If someone not paying attention were to hit their head, being knocked to the ground and break a bone, there would probably be a lawsuit.

There are plenty of spaces available to back the truck into that would allow the latter to hang out over a grassy area where people don’t walk. But whoever is driving this trunk is not thinking about what is sticking out behind his truck. Someone needs to teach the driver of this vehicle to pay attention to where he is parking.

Here’s a picture.