In the interview, link above, the student from Penn State that is probably a member of this fraternity, defends the actions of the fraternity members. He really doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

You know what scares me about this. This sounds like some kid who has been told by his parents that showing pictures of half naked, or neck women on Facebook is just okay. Please, someone tell me what kind of parents in this world would approve of such a thing. Oh, I know, the same one that tells their kid when he goes not and runs someone over they it will be okay and then they spend thousands of dollars trying to set him from.

The other side of this that I question, is why Facebook would allow the page is to continue to be operated. I have tried to post some things on Facebook that were political, not derogatory in any way, and Facebook stop me.

But Facebook does not have a problem with a fraternity posting pictures of nude girls, or partially nude girls on their website.

As a human being, you have to question the mentality of a college student, oops, there it is, their college students. When they start college they forget everything they were ever taught. They become totally stupid. Ignorance abounds on the campuses of every university in this country.

I told you there was more.