Is anyone surprised at the ruling of Florida State University. No one would expect the school to rule against their star quarterback. They would never tarnish their school buy even giving a small amount of credence to what the woman says. Even if there is some value in what she says, they can’t run the risk of there star going down in flames.

The woman will always be in wrong when it comes to the courts or other ruling agencies. I’m not the slightest bit surprised at the ruling. You have to ask yourself why they didn’t turn this over to a woman to make the decision. This whole things smells of a cover up by the courts and the school.

Reminds me of the fiasco that went on in North Caroline around 2006 when three boys of the lacrosse team were accused of rape, and the school ruled against the woman.

Men always see the woman as the slot, the one that caused the actions to happen.

I’m not sorry I says these things, because if you look at history it always turns out the same.

Until women take a stand against rulings like this, men will always win. They expect women to cow down to them. But I don’t see woman fighting back, so I guess they accept the ruling as fair and just.