I am sure by now, that most if not all you have seen the Havertys’ commercial, using the same two people they have been using for years, where they walk into a bedroom and complements the homeowner on how great her bedroom looks. Then they precede to call all the guest animals for putting their coats on the bed. The male then picks up the coats and throws them on the floor.

Who are the real animals?

Be honest, does that commercial do anything to inspire you to go to Havertys. The two people in the commercial turn me off. Emily Tarver turns me off. I find nothing funny about her, and the commercials make me want to close all Havertys because of how stupid commercials are.

The man, well he looks and sounds just as bad as she does.

How many of you went out within the week after viewing the commercials and went to Havertys?

Havertys would do well to lose that duo.