I have pondered this question for some time. I wonder through ideas for posts on my blog, wondering who my real audience is. I don’t really know. I do a lot of little things in my life each day, but there’s not any major function or activity that I do on a regular basis. The one activity I do every day, or at least try to do every day is walking. I have a large assortment of orchids that I take care of on a daily basis, and to my surprise I now have four of them that producing stems to ultimately produce flowers. But I don’t do enough with the orchids to make it a regular blog posting. I work out doors maintaining all the plans that my wife and I have during the summer months, and we bring them indoors during the winter months. I ride my bicycle on a regular basis but there’s nothing that I do during that ride that would make blogging about it interesting.

My biggest activity on a daily basis is writing. Since 2008 I have written five manuscripts, self published two of them, and I am working on three more to publish. Each manuscript has been submitted to numerous agents to see if I can find someone interested in the book, but so far no takers. But I don’t just write the books and then publish them, I have a couple of writers who edit my manuscripts for me so that they are grammatically correct, and they help me with the storyline and characters. But I’m not into self-promoting my work, so I don’t write about my stories. Although I think the storylines I have created are good.

So we stay that I sit down and open on my blog, I asked myself the same question. Who is my audience? And since I started my blog I have yet to figure that out.