My Hide Away

This is home to me.

Spending time at home to me is sitting in front of my computer and writing books. Over the years I have completed five manuscripts, and I am currently working on another. It’s turned into a drug for me. When I’m not writing, I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything that day. Even my wife is amazed at the time I spend writing.

I also like to raise orchids, and I spend part of every day working on the many orchids that I have collected over the years. It has taken some trial and error, but I have finally begun to see the fruits of my labor payoff. I currently have four orchids that are in the process of blooming.

But my true passion is writing. I don’t think I’ll ever be as famous as someone like John Grisham, or Stephen King, but the stories that I have stored in my brain have to get out.

One day I was sitting at a Starbucks drinking coffee and all the tables were full, except mine. A lady walked up to the table and asked if she could sit down, and I told her be my guest. We got to talking, and she asked me what I enjoy doing the most. I told her that what I really wanted to do was write, and that I thought I would enjoy that more than anything. She asked me why I didn’t start writing, and I told her I had no idea. But that English wasn’t one of my better subjects and I was always afraid of embarrassing myself. She tell me you’ll never know what you can do until you do it.

I went home that day and started writing. Five years later, I am having the most fun I have ever had in my life. Two books ended up in the desk drawer, but over time I have gotten better.

So home to me is in front of my computer.