I read an article today on twitter, discussing the pros and cons of renting or buying a home. The authur of the article says he believes that purchasing a home is a much better investment than renting. To some degree I would agree with him, but I own and I rent.

I own a one-bedroom condo that I rent out for twice the amount that I am paying another owner to rent their condo. Now I’m sure you ask how I can do that? It’s simple, I rent my unit out as a corporate unit. I make a lot more money than just renting it as a regular rental unit.

So I would have to say that yes, there are benefits to owning, but there are also benefits to owning and renting. By renting my one-bedroom unit out I am making upgrades that I want made to it and getting those upgrades paid for by deducting the cost from my taxes. I don’t pay for any repairs on the unit I am renting because that’s covered by the owner of the unit.

From my perspective it’s a win-win for me.

But the other side of that argument goes like this. If you could see into the future and know how much money you were going to spend on that home before you sold it, would you find it as beneficial to own as renting. I have read a lot of articles on this specific subject. Many of the people who write them say that if you could see into the future and how in advance much money you were going to spend on that home you would never be able to recover, you may reconsider owning a home.

But as I point, out I have found the best of both worlds.