Artificial sweeteners

The link above will take you to an article concerning the use of artificial sweeteners. I agree with this article 100%.

In January 2012 my doctor diagnosed me with type II diabetes. At the time, I had been consuming artificial sweeteners most of my life. I am on the plus side of sixty-five years old. That gives you an idea of how long I have been consuming artificial sweeteners.

After the diagnosis, I completely changed my diet. I stopped consuming any artificial sweeteners, sugars, or sweets of any kind and all starches. I also stopped consuming any red meat. In eight months I lost 100 pounds. Since that time my cholesterol level has dropped to 118. Yes, that’s right 118. My A1c is 5.7. At the height of my diabetes my A1c was 7.2. My doctor says I am no longer diabetic.

But here is what I see is the downside of this. Two and a half years later, still using the same diet that I changed to after being diagnosed with diabetes, I am gaining weight. My doctors cannot explain to me why.

Most of the food that I consume is white meat and fish, fresh vegetables, very little processed food. I also work out almost every day of the week doing cardio and weights. Yet my doctors still tell me they can’t explain why I continue to gain weight, now 2 1/2 years after being diagnosed and changing my diet.

Do you have any idea how frustrating that is? I don’t think you do. To completely change your diet to one of the most healthy diets imaginable and still gain weight is extremely frustrating. Some days you want to just give up and stop trying. Other days you decide to try something a little different. My doctor says he thinks I could survive on the thousand calories a day.

But you know you can’t quit trying.