Has somebody mentioned to you recently that we’re back at war, and not just any war, we’re back in Iraq.

Who was it that said they were gonna get us out of Iraq? Now look where we are. Back in Iraq, about to fight another war.

When the war started in Iraq, over ten years ago, there were many people in the military that said instead of putting boots on the ground we should just bomb the hell out of the country. When the war started in Afghanistan, those same people said the same thing.

When the Civil War started in Syria, did we ever think we would be talking about going into that country? But look at us now, talking about running bomb runs inside of Syria.

Who said they were going to get us out of these two wars?

Now I’m not arguing whether it’s right or wrong, I’m just pointing out that someone said they were going to get us out of these two wars. How does a crystal ball work?

Can someone say liar?

And please don’t get me wrong, I don’t support any elected official. And just think, if their mother had used birth control we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Who is it that is trying to force every company to pay for birth control, or should I say contraceptives?

We are going to end up in another war. What he you think?