How many of you are in to sports? I would guess quite a few. How many are following the issue with the Washington Redskins? I would think not many.

I don’t follow sports very closely, not like I used to. In years past, if there was a sporting event on TV, I was watching. Not anymore. In fact I can’t remember the last time I watched a complete football game, much less a basketball game. What a waste of my time.
I’m of the opinion that this whole Washington Redskins name issue is for the birds. Years back, the Indians were complaining about the name of the Atlanta Braves. Look where that got them. The Braves are still call the Braves.

One other thing about the Braves issue, I don’t remember any sportscasters deciding not to use the name Atlanta Braves when they were talking about the team. Now we have a couple of dozen sports announcers who have come out publicly and said they won’t use the name Washington Redskins. The Washington Post has even noted that they will no longer use the name when writing articles about the team.

All this does is make the owner more resolved to keep the name of his team.

I think we have worse problems in this country than the name a of a football team to deal with. And I think the Indians have much worse problems on their reservations than the fact that some football team is called the Washington Redskins.

What a waste of time, money, and space.

Besides, does it really matter to you? Do you think it really matters to the Indians?

I don’t. What do you think?