This morning I was drinking my coffee enjoying the peace and quiet. I started thinking back to some of the things that happened to me when I was growing up, and I thought about this incident.

Most boys, when they’re growing up don’t think they’re good enough. What I mean in this instance is that there are some girls that are, “Out of their league.” I had one such incident when I was in the eleventh grade. I wasn’t a confident male when it came to dealing with women like I think youngest boys are. Now, before you say anything, yes, I know there are some boys out there that are extremely confident, but I wasn’t one of those boys.

There were two girls in my class, sisters, who were knockouts. Every male in school drooled and dreamed of the idea of dating either of these girls. Now and then, you would see them walking around campus with either football or basketball player who is what you always figured would end up with the good-looking girls. I wouldn’t even make eye contact with them because I was afraid of what might happen. You ask yourself, what could happen if I made eye contact, who knows, probably nothing.

We were about two-thirds of the way through the school year, and it was going along about normal. What I mean by that is I kept my head down, I made decent grades, and I tried my best to stay out of trouble. It was after lunch, and a bunch of us were standing outside the door to our chemistry class waiting for the bell to ring so we could go inside. The two girls, Sherry and Jennifer, were standing across the hall talking among themselves. I was talking to two of my friends, happened to glance up, and looked at the two girls. Jennifer smiled at me and immediately started walking across the hall. She walked into the group of us boys, grabbed me by the hand, and took me back across the hall where her sister was standing.

“David we have a question for you,” her Sister Sherry said.

Shy me looked at the floor and kicked my feet around trying to figure out what to say next. “Okay, but I can’t imagine what you would want to ask me.”

Then the questions that I thought they would never ask me came out of their mouths. “David, we would like to know if you would take both of us to the school dance in two weeks.” My mouth had to be fully open and probably my lower jaw sitting on the floor. I just stared at them, like an idiot, trying to figure out what to say next. The whole while my mind kept saying, yes you idiot yes you idiot.

I finally got it out of my mouth that yes I would feel privileged to take both of them to the party. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to tell my friends. I kept thinking to myself, holy cow, the two best-looking girls in school just asked me to take them to a party.

It took less than twenty-four hours for word to spread around the school that I was going to take both sisters to the school dance. Several of my friends came up to me over the next several days and asked me how I was able to pull this off. I told him I had no idea.

Two weeks later we went to the dance had a great time, and after that we went to the show a few times. However, I had no dreams of grandeur. Three days after school let out, the girl’s father was transferred, and we never saw each other again.

Life is funny.