I read a blog today that made me start thinking about the question I was asked half a lifetime ago. The blog was posted by, “Daily Write” and entitled “Who do you #Follow? Who follows You?”. The blog made me start thinking about the question I was asked by my therapist.

I won’t bore you with the reason why I was going to see a therapist, we all have our reasons for needing someone to help us through difficult times. If you don’t think you need someone, then you’re out of touch with life.

The question I was asked, “Who was your hero when you were young?” My therapist asked me to answer that question when I returned for our next session. I considered the question for several weeks prior to our next session and arrived at a conclusion that even surprised me.

I had a brother who was four years older than myself. The first ten years or so of our lives we were like typical brothers, fighting all the time. After that, my brother was branching off into other areas that were interesting to me. He was the person that I wanted so much to hang out with, to be involved with the things that he was doing. But as older brothers go he had no interest in hanging out with his younger brothers or sisters. From about the age of ten he began to drift away and enjoy his time with his friends, and he made every effort to make it clear to myself and our younger brother that we were not welcome in his life.

He was the hero that I missed in my life, and nothing has changed. Except now we are older and we don’t look for heroes anymore.