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My response to a post I made on CNBC and someone responded to me.

So let me get this straight, the poor students are screwed by the rich once more. The rich make more money off their investments and the student pays more for his education. I have a better idea. The rich, that includes companies, they benefit from the education, should have to put money into a fund to pay for college education. Based on the students grades, the student receive a portion of that money every year.


  • Ok then the student should also shoulder a portion of the burden when the business has a loss.


The student has already paid for it with higher interest rates. Secondly, big business can pick and choose the students they                   care to support as long as they have the money available for those that wish to apply. Third, students have no control over                       how a company is run. Whether that company takes a loss or profit for the year is up to the company, not the student.                           Fourth, this would be a way to bring down corporate taxes. The student loan debt in this nation is staggering and continues                     to grow. I would have no trouble lowering corporate taxes as low as 2 to 5% if companies were willing to help pay for college                     educations for “qualified students.” Many companies out there already offer their existing employees paid tuition to school.                       What difference would it make if we lowered the corporate income tax and required that they put a portion of the money aside                   for college education. Besides, Bank of America is about to pay out a huge penalty. What if all of that money went into a                         fund to help pay for college education instead of Washington’s deep pockets.

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