Seasonal Scents


The scent of summer. So many different scents arouse me during the months of summer that it could be difficult to come up with one smell that reminds you of summer.

Golden Paradise

I live in a community of condominiums. Taking a leisurely walk through the condominiums each day you can come across so many different smells. The smell of chlorine in the pool. The smell of so many different foods as the different families who create our community cook them. The smell of pine trees or the smell of grass from landscapers … each week.

We have one woman who likes to sit outside and smoke her cigars during the summer months. Smoking is an annoying habit, especially, if your condominium happens to be near hers. Every year when summer rolls around I know she’s going to be outside smoking those cigars.

Then we have the barbecue people. I fall into that category. Almost every day during the warm months, I cook outside. I love the smell of fresh vegetables cooking on the grill. I cannot get enough of them. Squash, mushrooms, tomatoes, asparagus, green peppers, onions, and more. Yes, I cooked some meat; chicken, fish; especial salmon but the main thing is fresh vegetables.

I can’t wait for my figs to ripen and smell the sweet, pungent smell of my figs.

Abundance of figs this year.

Therefore, for me, the smells of summer are vast. If I had to narrow it down to one specific smell, I think it would be the grass when it is cut. It has such a sweet aroma to it. It happens the same day of every week. I open the window to my office during the time the landscapers are cutting the grass just so I can smell the sweet aroma. Sometimes I go out, pick some up, put it in a bowl, and place it on my desk, just so I can smell the cut grass.

I asked a friend of mine what smells reminds him of summer. He told me his wife. She smells different during the summer. She takes more baths, and her smell is like the sweet smell of honey, mixed with all the other shampoos and creams that she uses on her body. He told me he loved it when she ran around the house in the nude after taking a shower. The man is strange.

What yours?