Set for Solstice

Today’s Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). How are you taking advantage of the extra hours of light this time of year? Do you like it, or do you already miss earlier sunsets?

The longer days allowed me to take our pet tortoise out for evening walks. Harley, the name we gave our tortoise, loves to go for a walk. Along the way he stops and munches on the green grass. It’s better than paying for food.

When Harley goes for a walk, he stays on the sidewalk except for when he gets off to munch on the grass. He’s actually better trained and the dogs that walk through our condos. He doesn’t poop on the ground, so I don’t have to worry about picking it up. He doesn’t pee everywhere he thinks he should mark his spot. He doesn’t care about territory. That’s because it’s all his.

When people walk by with their dogs, Harley ignores them, he is not interested in what they have to say.

So the long days of summer give Harley the chance to get out and do his daily walk and eat his fill.



Couldn’t ask for a better pet.