One day, your favorite piece of art — a famous painting or sculpture, the graffiti next door — comes to life. What happens next?


I was a teenager … And the family next door had a daughter that was one year older than I was.  I had seen her several times when she left the house or on the weekends running around the house.  She was not bashful.  I had seen her in her nightgown; bra and panties running by the window standing in her bedroom, she never closed her curtains.  To me she looked like a sculpture, beautiful, refined. Every detail perfect about her body, her hair, even the way she walked.

I always thought she was out of my league.  I was just an average kid nowhere near her league.  I had seen some of her girlfriends.  Most of them were cheerleaders from either our school or other schools.  They were all sculptures.

One day her mom was talking to mine and she asked me why I never ask her daughter out.  I am sure my jaw fell to the floor.  I asked her how an average Joe like me could ask out such a beautiful sculptured girl as her.  Her mom laughed, you might be surprised.  I told her please don’t tell her what I think of her it will only embarrass me.  However, you know how moms talk.

2 days later, I’m cutting the grass.  I usually had my shirt off because I sweat so much.  I noticed the back door open and close, open again, and this beautiful sculpture walks out of the house and turns and walks towards me.  How can a piece of sculpture walk so perfect?  She walked up to me and asked me out.  She told me if I wasn’t going to ask, she was.

That’s how my sculpture came to life.  However, to answer your question, no we did not become childhood sweethearts and we did not get married. We had several dates and then my family moved away.