Daily Post


Have you ever thought about buying a used car? I used to think that once a car got 3 or 4 years old, and it was a car other than the one you were driving, you did not purchase a car that old.

My son on the other hand, believes that you only buy used cars. He told me it is a waste of your money to purchase a new car.

Will, a year ago, I was looking for a car to buy. I was looking at new cars and my wife kept reminding me about adding another payment to our budget. New cars have become so expensive that it’s not worth the years of payments that you have to go through to own a new car.

One of the guys that works with my wife, had a car he wanted to sale. My wife asked me to take a look at the car, nothing else, just take a look at the car. I told her I would but I was not excited about the idea.

It was in 1997 Lexus. The body was in perfect condition, everything in the car worked. Even the seat settings for position one in position 2 worked. I was amazed at the condition of the car and the fact that everything on the car still work.

I am now driving that 1997 Lexus. I have been for a year. Now it’s not like driving a new car, but the fact that everything works and I don’t have a car payment and it’s a Lexus, I’m happy. Cross my fingers, but no repair bills so far.

A friend of mine asked why I hadn’t bought a newer model car. I ask him what his car payment on his 2-year-old Yukon was? He looked at me and smiled. I told him that’s why. I have a whole new outlook on used cars.

Whats yours?