Daily Post

The Room with a View … The room where we always go when we reach that point in the day that the rubber band inside of us has twisted to the point that it’s ready to break … Stretched to the point that it can stretch no more.

We all have that place that one place where we can go and relax.  The rubber band unwinds, it’s no longer stretched to the breaking point, and we now believe that we can make it to the end of the day.

We all have that spot, the room … Maybe it’s nothing more than Starbucks and that perfect cup of whatever drink it is that you buy when you are looking for something to relax.

For me, my room with a view is a home in Key West with a swimming pool that looks over the bay. Where I can watch the ships, the boats, the yachts, and the people play.  However, this is my dream spot … That one location that I have dreamed about so much.  But there is something else about the spot that makes it even more special.  I have a visitor when I go there.  She is the Lady on the lanai, and she has been there longer than I’ve been alive.

When the lady visits, you see that long white dress with tattered edges, the torn sleeve, and the soiled bottom from being dragged across the pool deck.  She doesn’t say anything, but you know she’s there … You see her, but she ignores you.  She’s looking at the same thing, but why?  And why is it she’s been in this house for so long?

They told me the house was haunted, but I didn’t believe them.  Now I know it’s true.  But she has a calming effect on me when she enters the area, you feel the temperature drop, and the wind begins to blow … you know she’s there.

Who better to have as your companion, a woman that cannot say anything … put that list together … or find something for you to do away from the house?  She’s the greatest companion of all.