It’s 5:30 Am, I’m at the gym, doing my daily sweat and grind trying to keep the weight off. Well into my 60 minutes of grind when suddenly, a letter falls out of thin air. I snatch it out of the air and read it. It’s from Fatman, asking me to stop working so hard. He indicates in the letter that he has to work harder to keep the fat on my body. “Do you think this is easy adding fat to your body,” the Fatman asked. In my mind I reply, “No, because it’s hard to work it off.” I hear him laughing at me.

I am surprised that the Fatman is watching. I look around and wonder if any one saw me grab the letter. Then, PUFF, the letter disappears. I think of the last time I weighed myself and how the numbers had not changed. That laughing sound again in my head. The Fatman thinks this is funny.

I bump up the speed on the treadmill. Laughing again … “Work harder, so do I. I will never let you go.”

I am depressed now … a picture of 12 donuts poops into my head. Fatman is winning the war. I turn down the speed. What’s the point; Fatman is always watching and working. Where are the 12 donuts?


Cronuts help celebrate National Doughnut Day.