Every now and then we all have to re-learn something we should have learned when we were young, that it isn’t always the best idea to be nice to everyone, even if in your heart you want to do the right thing.

I learn that the hard way this past month. I have an apartment that I rent out. I had a tenant that had lost his job. last year. Was having a hard time making his rent but he was struggling with unemployment and he kept making partial payments and he paid me so that he was never more than a month behind on his rent.

So, good old boy me, kept working with him and allowed him to stay in the unit even though something inside me kept telling me I was going to learn the hard way that this was a mistake. I didn’t even make him pay late fee’s which would have been in the hundreds of dollars.

Then, he got behind by two months. I started to put pressure on him to catch that second month up and he got upset. He couldn’t understand why I was being so mean, and less understanding of his situation. But, to my surprise he came up with a full months rent out of the blue.

Then in Dec when his rent was due he failed to pay his rent, fell behind by two months again, did not pay his electric and at the end of the month moved out one night owing me two months rent, the electric and left the unit a total mess.

After talking to his neighbors, I discovered that in November he found a job and had gone back to work at his old job making very good money. He did not appreciate one bit what I had done for him when he was having to struggle to make ends meet. He just thought it would be funny to stick it to me when he had the chance.

So I have learned my lesson that I knew all along and the next tenant I have that gets into this situation and needs help will find that I will not be willing to help them out. Either pay the rent or move out. If they don’t pay or move, the sheriff will help them move. No more Mr. Nice guy for my tenants. It only takes one to turn you into the Scrooge when it comes to tenants after you try to help one out.