When I was growing up and then as a young adult, I had this dream of living in Alaska. I thought it would be exciting exploring the Alaskan wilderness where it was cold most of the time.

But, something happened, I grew older and hopefully wiser. I realized that living in the cold tundra of Alaska wasn’t the wisest thing to do.

In early 2000, I visited my son and his family in Grand Junction, Colorado for Christmas and New Year’s holidays. During my stay, the temperature dropped, into the low 5, to 0° for that three-week period that I was there. I realized during that time that there was little chance that I could live in that kind of temperature for long. During those three weeks, I spent most of my time inside, sitting in front of the fire.

Earlier this month, here in Texas, we had a cold spell that dropped the temperatures into the teens at night and many days did not get above freezing. I watched the temperatures in Grand Junction, Colorado drop below zero for many days and nights and wondered what kind of idiot I was when I was thinking about living in Alaska. I had even considered moving to Colorado recently. Now I’m thinking about moving to Key West, Florida.

The other day I talked to my granddaughter, who still lives in Grand Junction, Colorado, and she told me that many days during that cold spell, when going to school, it was difficult to breathe. How can anyone live in that kind of cold?

Aren’t we supposed to be in a global warming trend? Where did all the hot weather during the winter go? If we are experiencing this kind of cold weather in the United States, surely the polar bears must be able to walk all the way across the North and South Pole.