Double Bilateral Knee Replacement … On Oct 15th I had surgery on both my knees. I am 41 days past the surgery and I am walking without the help of a walker or a cane. I still have pain in both knees, but that would be expected, considering what I had done.Below is a picture of what my knees look like now. I am amazed at the fever that my knees still produce around-the-clock. During the night I am constantly kicking the covers off of my legs because they get too hot from the fever that they produce. I wonder how long this is going to go on.

After surgery

Knee Replacement

For thirteen  years I lived with knee pain. It all started with torn cartilage in both knees and three surgeries. Over time, I received shots to try to keep from having this surgery. However, after many years of activities that put lots of pressure on my knees, not to mention the constant weight gain, up to 360 pounds, it was all too much.

I reached a point where I was unable to do anything but sit and watch the days go by. My grand-kids call my office the Cave because all I did was work on my computer and watch TV. There wasn’t much I could do otherwise. Walking any distance was out of the question, and riding a bike, just as destructive.

In January 2012, my doctor diagnosed me with type II diabetes and that changed my world forever.

I changed my diet, lost 100 pounds, started walking 45/60 minutes each day, that’s the limit my knees could take, and decided to see a doctor about my knees. I could not find a pain medication on the shelf that helped with the pain and I refused to be hooked on a prescription drug.

On September 3, 2013, I meet with the orthopedic surgeon. The doctor told me to get a release from the Cardiologist doctor, and we would move forward with the surgery. Did you know that you have to be cleared by a heart doctor to have this surgery? Well, yes, you do, and it makes all the difference in the world.

Are any of you considering knee replacement? How much time have you put into investigating the dos and don’ts of this subject. I spent years reading and talking to people before I decided to approach the doctors. You should do the same. Most doctors only want to do one knee at a time.

It took me a considerable amount of time to convince my orthopedic surgeon to do both knees at the same time. If you’re not prepared to have this discussion with your orthopedic surgeon then you’re not prepared to meet with your doctor. Maybe it doesn’t matter to you if you have one need done now and the second need done 6 to 8 weeks later. But it may make a difference what you feel the pain. All of these things have to be taken into consideration before you walk into that Dr.’s office.

If you know anyone who’s had the surgery then you should have a long conversation with them before you make your appointment. Whether you have one need done or both knees done at the same time has a lot to do with just how much pain you can deal with it any one time.

I wish you all the luck in the world. I had one of the better doctors in the Dallas area do my surgery.