Earthworms … Do you ever think about the little worms when you’re walking down the sidewalk and you see one laying on the cold concrete. Do you ever wonder what’s going to happen to the little fella as he lays there in the sun and the heat. The sun beats down on him, begins to dry out his body as he cries out for help. It would be like you and I in the Sahara desert with no water.



Yeah, I know, you think I’m nuts. In the mornings when I go for my walk around the condo’s I walk on the concrete sidewalk, the concrete jungle. About 60% of it is driveways and buildings on both sides but the rest of are grass, dirt, and shrubs.

Walking around the complex, I usually see many dead earthworms. Every now and then, I come across a live one crawling out towards the center of the sidewalk making his way towards what I know to be certain death, if not the sun and heat, birds. I can’t help myself, I have to stop, picking the poor thing up and putting back in the grass or dirt.

I have a weakness for the earthworm. Anything else I see, like a roach or a bug of some other kind, well, it’s fair game. Either the bug gets out of the way, or the bug gets smashed. The earthworm does too much good to allow it to die.


Earthworm Concepts

So the next time you’re out walking and you come across an earthworm crawling across the concrete, pick him up, and put him in the grass or the moist soil and give him a chance to live that could be one noble deed you do that day. Who knows, the man upstairs could be watching and decide that the deed was the one that may turn things around for you. You never know … as they always say, one good deed deserves another. And it’s not how big the deed is it’s whether you did a kind deed or not. I’m sure the little guy would appreciate someone doing a charitable deed for him.

When’s the last time you stopped and picked up, and earthworm placing the little fella back in the grass, or do you always leave them to die in the sun.