Every Friday night my wife and I go out to dinner after a long stressful week at work. The place we go to is a local neighborhood restaurant, the kind you find in many neighborhoods around the country, in the strip malls that grow up around communities where people raise their families.

The food is excellent, inexpensive especially for a casual night out.

After we had been visiting the restaurant for about a month and a half, I asked my wife if she wished for something different now and then on our Friday nights out. To my surprise she told me, no.

Her explanation was that she enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant and the fact that she could relax and enjoy her glass of wine without feeling as if she was in any kind of formal atmosphere.

We now know the manager quite well, even to the point that he has spent time explaining to us about his recent heart attack. Now each time we visit and he is not at the restaurant we always asked if anything has happened because we are concerned about his health.

Another thing is that during our visits I have begun to take notice of the different people who visit the restaurant on the Friday evenings that we are there. And what I have found is that there is a standard group of people who visit the restaurant every Friday evening. It appears to me that we are not the only couple visiting this family restaurant, especially on a Friday evening enjoying the friendship of the other adults in the community to get out of the house after a hard week at work.

I don’t feel guilty anymore asking my wife for this one guilty pleasure each week.

I enjoy people watching and sitting at the restaurant watching the different people that come and go is an enjoyable event for me each Friday. Last week there was a woman who showed up with a pit-bull in tow. She had a choke collar on the poor dog that looked like if she pulled it too hard the collar would cut the poor dog in half. Clearly, the dog was more than she could control. Several weeks ago a gentleman showed up with 2 dogs that appeared to be greyhounds. The gentleman was lean and muscular. The dogs, he tried to make them into the same body form as he, you could count every rib in their body.

The name of the restaurant is Fuzzy Taco. If you have one of these restaurants in your area, you should visit the restaurant. It has a delightful family atmosphere and everyone that I have met that works at the one we visit has a enthusiastic attitude.