My morning walks have turned into a group therapy session with the local squirrels. In the trees around the condos, we have several that have been here for some time. The ones that have been with us for a long time have had the new baby squirrels over the years that have grown up around here and added to the population.

Some of the community say that’s good, but others are not so agreeable to that statement, view the squirrels as destructive, and would rather see them go. I have lived around squirrels all my life, and I have to agree with the minority group that squirrels can be destructive if left to their own devises.

The property Mgr has been fighting with the squirrels for some time. She can hear them in her attic and has had the local repairman trying his best to determine how they are gaining access. So far I think that man has used more cans of seal tight than it’s possible to use on a condo.  I think that the unit would float in a flood.

However, this is not what I was going to write. In the morning when I walk, two young squirrels hang out in front of the complex that seem to enjoy watching as I par-take of my daily exercise. They are always hanging out in the same two trees and bark at me as I walk by the first time.

After the first pass, the two squirrels will exit the trees and jump around on the ground, running between the sidewalk and the trees. Almost as if, they are daring me to chase them as if I am the local dog. The two squirrels will jump back at me then toward the trees, almost like a dare.

On the next pass, the two squirrels will run in front of me along the sidewalk as if they are waiting for me to give chase. When I have passed the second tree, the squirrels break off, return to their own tree, and wait for me to return. This goes on until I have completed my walk for the day.

This process has turned into a game of cat and mouse.

The other afternoon I walked outside and the day was another of those 100 deg days we have around here. One of the squirrels had decided to lie on the ground in a damp spot, in a fork of his tree. He watched as I walked out the door, not moving or flinching as if scared that I would attempt to do anything to him. He lay there watching, legs folded in front of him, eyes steady on me, not showing a concern in the lest. It was like he knew me and felt safe.

However, he had decided it was too darn hot to do any jumping around. The last time I saw him he was still lying on the same spot watching me as I walked away. He watched for other dogs or people whom may walk by.

One downside to this situation is that the younger squirrels do not learn to fear humans the way they should fear them and sooner or later they will pay the price. And, it will probably come at the hands of a teenager. I hate to say that, but that seems to be the way this world is turning these