I go walks every morning … at least every morning that I do not have another chore that requires my attention. Before the sun rises and the day heats up so much that walking becomes just too hot.

I semi-retired several years ago, and my wife and I moved into a condo complex where several of her friends live. This life style fits the life we prefer so much better than dealing, with a full size home with a yard, to keep up.

We have lived here long enough that most of the folks living here know us. Many are friends of my wife, and know I spend most of my days at home. They see me each morning out for my walk and acknowledge me with a HI, good-morning or wave of the hand. But its the looks I get from the younger ones that cause me to laugh as they make their way towards their vehicles to head toward work.

The ten or fifteen younger single/couples that live here know my retirement situation, and they are just starting out in the rat race of life and know I have completed my race, and know I am, what I refer to on the downhill side of life. The younger couples are dealing with the struggles of a job and life, a few with kids, and I know their lives are much harder in this economy now than when I was their age. I get the feeling they resent the fact I am on easy streetas a few of them have told me several times out by the pool. If they only knew the truth, life at any age is never easy.

I point out to them that, at my age, I could still live another thirty, plus years, which is another lifetime the way, I see it. I told my wife that, for some folks, that’s four years of college and another career, and since I am working on writing novels, that is what I am trying to do.

These young kids don’t see it that way. They think of me spending my time writing books as more of a hobby than a job. One young man told me I could stop working whenever I decide to and walk away from the computer he can’t. So my writing is not a job. I told him to try it some time and see what he thinks, but he told me he did not have the time. I point out to the young man that he has the time to set by the pool every weekend and consume two or three six packs but can’t find the time to write, interesting.

I mention this interaction with the younger generation because I have sometimes wondered what fascinating information to blog about. It hit me the other day that some of the things I come across on my walks would be stimulating blogs. For example, what some of these women wear walking their dogs in the morning when they feel safe living inside a condo community.

I have also made friends with two of the squirrels in the community.

There’s a lot to blog about.