It’s pouring rain this morning, but that’s a good thing. My fig trees grow better the more water they get. Turns out the more water the faster the trees grow and the pumper the figs, and my trees are covered in figs.

This past winter I trimmed my large fig tree back so that all the limbs were cut off, and the tree would have to produce new growth. Everyone told me what a mistake I made. The tree would die and never return from this horrible trimming.

Well check out the tree now.

After Trim

New Growth

I had to trim the growth back around the bottom of the tree, started to look like a jungle and our tortoise, who happens to love fig tree leaves, began destroying the bottom smaller branches.

And the number of figs are twice the number I had last year when the tree was large and I could not reach the figs that were thirty feet in the air, but the birds and squirrels loved them. This year we will  make jars of fig jam from the figs we will be able to pick from the tree.

I have ten friends who have ask for fig trees and I have them growing now in pots. Soon I will be delivering them to my friends. It feels good to see the new life growing and starting to spring forth and to know that figs will be produced in the next few years all around the condos.

We plan to plant several trees in the open areas so the birds will have their own supply of figs to enjoy twice a year.

What do you think about my hobby.