This is a picture of one of my successful fig trees.

My writing tree ... as it grows so do I.


Now I say one, of my successful fig trees, because there have been many that have been planted that have not made it, and died in the pots.

I have discovered that until the young trees grow to at least 6 inches tall, you really don’t know if the trees have any chance of making it, and even then, probably only have about a 50-50 chance.

I have given several of my trees to friends and family after reaching 6 inches only to have my friends and family notified me within several weeks to tell me that the trees have died.

My heart is broken each time one of my trees dies.

I watch over each of my new trees as if they were my children, watching them grow, waiting for the day that each new leaf springs forth and brings new life and new growth to the plant.

I feel the same way when I write my novels. Each page is like a new leaf on the fig tree, and so as the fig tree grows my novel grows.

Sometimes I have thought about starting a publication company called Fig Tree Publications. I am sure that most of my books will be self published, and currently published under a business called You Make Success. But now that I think about it Fig Tree Publications would be a better name.