I decided to start writing several years ago, after I was unable to find a job and retired at the age of 62. Writing was a strange word for me, see, when I was in high school English literature was the devil to me.

Always told myself, what would I ever use English literature for, grammar or anything else. Hell, my parents only wanted one thing out of me, just get out of school and leave home.

So the idea of writing never crossed my mind until I was in my late 50s. As I got closer to that golden age of 60 something started to eat at my gut and I began to realize that I had stories inside of me that I wanted to tell. And every now and then I would sit down and begin to write little bits and pieces out in long hand.

Now, here I am writing. Sitting on the shelf in front of me I have a copy of English Composition and Grammar, who would have ever thought. Sometimes I look at that book and started to laugh at myself and think back to the classes that I barely made it through in high school. What I would give to be able to go back to that time. But like they say, hindsight is 20 20.

Now I get up every day and read 2 or 3 blogs, and read craft books covering writing every day, and when I finish one book and I do not have a new one to start, I go back and start reading the previous books again. Amazing how I learned something new even from the previous books when I start reading each one again.

I think I have a form of ADD because I find it difficult to concentrate some days but I am determined to stick with the writing.I do not intend to stop. How can you stop doing something that you find fun and interesting and the people that you meet have so much character.

I hope one day soon that I can start attending conferences and meeting some of the writers and publishers that attend the conferences. I am sure the learning process is steep and difficult. I never intend to give up on my writing.

But one thing I will never do is be a traitor to my cause.

If all I ever do is publish my work as an independent publisher and Arthur then that is what I will be. I will write my novels and publish the novels myself hoping that the people that read my work enjoy my effort.

I am working on my 4th manuscript. Actually my 5th, after completing my 2nd I threw it in the desk drawer because I realize that it was not that good.

I have submitted two of my manuscripts to agents and been rejected on both of them but I will never stop trying. The agents have never told me why they reject the novels they just send them back with, not interested marked on the cover. I guess that means the manuscripts are so bad that there is nothing more they can say.

But all I can do is keep trying. Rejection is how we learn.