I’ve been away from my blog for a while, not sure if I planned to continue posting or if I would discontinue the blog, Facebook and twitter accounts.

I have so many hours in the day and when I tried to figure out what I want to put in those hours I thought about my blog, Facebook and twitter accounts and wonder if either of those items were worth the time to fill up my day.

I have continued to visit the Facebook page on a regular basis. That takes up my time, trying to read all the post that everyone placed on the page and trying my best to decided if I should add a comment to any of the post. I could spend a lot of time just posting to many of the Facebook postings alone.

I completed the Steven King Book, “On Writing”, and he was not one for all this social networking stuff, at least that was what I took away from the book when he wrote it at the time. Now could be a different situation.

But, I grow fig trees from cuttings, and the other day I was working with several new cuttings and several new leafs that were spouting out, and I thought how I am one of those new leafs as a writer, just starting out.

I need the earth, sun and rain to help me grow. I compared that to the teaching of others like Kristen, Jodi, Prudence, Laird, Cora and the many others on Facebook.

I twitted that on twitter this morning and now I am posting the information on my Blog. I have to get back to the social networking and realize that I have to be a part of life and I can’t live in my cave like my grand kids call my office, where I work on my books each day.

I have to grow like my fig trees and sprout limbs and leafs like the trees do and grow large and bear fruit just like they do and one day I will bear the fruit.