The use of firearms to solve our problems in this country is becoming more the norm every day. If I did not know better, I would think we are moving toward the Wild West.

In the last ninety days, we have had no less than five incidents where several people have died from the use of firearms. The most recent in Washington DC.

Now I learn the University of Colorado decided to place all students who will be card-carrying NRA students with firearms on their hips in the same dorms. Wow, can you say mass murder.

They decided to put young adults, whose brains have yet to figured out how to deal with alcohol … grown adults have yet to figure that out. In the same dorms with loaded firearms and allow them to mingle together.

Can anyone see a menu for disaster? One of these young studs decides his roommate, or dorm mate sleep with his girlfriend. After a night of drinking, they don’t drink do they. He goes back to the dorm … that is if he doesn’t have the firearm on him and proceeds to go after the other kid.

The question, how many other students are in between him and the one he’s after.

I have always said that as college students learn what is in books, the common sense they once had in their brain squeezes out the other side. To prove this theory, all you have to do is watch a person with a college degree think and rationalize. They can’t do both at the same time. (Yeah yeah, I know you college educated group will hate me for that statement.)

So the State of Colorado as set themselves for another mass murder because they through caution to the wind. Or, as I like to say, some college educated person did not use any common senses.

What do you think? Is this another mistake that schools have made? Are we slowly turning back to the Wild West because people feel that is the only way to find the justice they seek? More and more people are turning to fire arms.