I do not know how much time you spend paying attention to what goes on in Washington or Wall Street, but these, comical goings on provide enough information to write a long mystery.

Between the Department of Justice trying to block the Republicans from finding out any information about Fast and Furious, and the President claiming Executive Privilege. We have the makings for one hell of a book.

Who knows what is hidden in all those pages that those two do not want us to see. All the committee wants to know is what happened that caused one of our border agents to be killed Department of Justice and the president seem more concerned keeping that information out of the hands of the committee. What do they know they do not what the world to know? Of course, this discussion is better than the economy for the president.

On top of that, we have the president breaking who knows how many laws by automatically giving 800,000 illegal immigrants a permit to work in this country, simply because they have been here since they were 16 and under the age of 30. And they have met certain criteria. A year ago, he was telling the Hispanic Community he did not have the ability to do this. Now he decides he can make this change in an election year.

We have Wall Street breaking all the rules again, whenever it suits their fancy. We have Mr. Stanford going to prison for 110 years. We have another banker from Morgan Stanly just convicted of insider trading. Where does all this stop.

Who needs the mob? We already have the elected politicians trying everything they can keep the truth from coming out, and Wall Street who constantly breaks the law.

We have a made for television “True TV series,” if the politicians and bankers would allow the cameras to follow them around. The problem with that, we would know how many laws they break every minute of the day.

Take an accomplished writer, with a lot of imagination, and we have the makings of a great book. That turns into a new movie that makes a lot of money.

No, wonder the people in this country have zero faith in the economy. We have zero faith in the elected politicians and the people running Wall Street. The head of the Federal Reserve recently admitted that he was wrong. No joke! The everyday Joe on the street could have told him that.

Home values are starting to go back up. However, people who have lost 50% of their home value, will they ever see the value returned? Can they live that long?

For me, the question is, will we be in the same shape we are in now, four years from now, if we put a different man in the White House. I think the answer is yes. Neither man has the answers to the questions. Both men will throw shit against the wall, and try to make it stick. The wall is a slippery slope that requires specific shit that neither group has figured out yet.

The groups spend so much time fighting the other, because they do not want to admit they do not know the answer. There like bullies on the schoolyard, afraid to admit that if they stopped bullying, they would have no purpose on the yard and no one would like them.

The head of the Federal reserve took the first step, but do others have the same courage. The answer is no.